About Us

Farm and dairy Euro Lona has been established on 2000, focused on agribusiness activities including production and processing of the agriculture and farming products.

The company has its three main pillars:

– Farm of dairy livestock;
– Cattle breeding farm and poultry farm.
– Trading of agriculture products

Eurolona’s management continuously has been focused on company development by investing on technology, staff and marketing.

The latest developments within a company are related to investments on processing technology of milk and its products, new products development, implementing quality standard ISO 9001 and HACCP standards as well as investments on marketing and products branding.

Currently, Eurolona produces the following milk products:

– Fresh milk
– Natural and flavoured Yogurt
– Fruit yogurts
– Buttermilk
– White cheese
– Curd
– Milk cream with peppers.

The company have 35 employees, qualified and with long experience on processing/production of milk products.