Farm and dairy Euro Lona has been established on 2000, focused on agribusiness activities including production and processing of the agriculture and farming products.

The company has its three main pillars:

– Farm of dairy livestock;
– Cattle breeding farm and poultry farm.
– Trading of agriculture products

Eurolona’s management continuously has been focused on company development by investing on technology, staff and marketing.
The latest developments within a company are related to investments on processing technology of milk and its products, new products development, implementing quality standard ISO 9001 and HACCP standards as well as investments on marketing and products branding.
Currently, Eurolona produces the following milk products:

– Fresh milk
– Natural and flavoured Yogurt
– Fruit yogurts
– Ayran
– White cheese
– Curd
– Milk cream with peppers.

The company have 35 employees, qualified and with long experience on processing/production of milk products.

Production unit consist on 35 employees, skilled and experienced on dairy production. Quality and safety of our products is certified with the highest standards of quality and food safety, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.
Based on the company’s development strategy in line with the importance of the development of this sector we have been supported continuously from MAFRD and donors such as the European Commission, USAID, and international and local consultants.

Farm and Land
Eurolona started agribusiness activities during 2000. At this period they had 15 dairy cows, two employees and few agricultural tools. And currently has over 200 cattle, about 120 dairy cows 40 heifers and 40 calves quality dairy breeds.
Within our company we have the egg-laying poultry farm with a capacity of 6300 chickens.
Privatization of former cattle farm in Miradi e Eperme and it is agricultural land has enable Eurolona to achieve its goal for a sustainable future of the company. Also by investing in the necessary agricultural tools and mechanism, Eurolona increase efficiency and quality.
Eurolona, each year planting various agricultural crops in about 400 – 500 acres of land, for its needs and for sale.
Continuous development of the company has resulted in the increase in the number of employees and today Eurolona has over 35 full time employees and dozens of seasonal employees.

Another business activity of Eurolona is trading the of the cattle and different type of crops.
Eurolona is importing pregnant heifers of quality breeds with high milk production from different European Union countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, the Netherlands, etc.., for its farm needs and for Kosovo market.
Also important activity in our company is the production and trading activities of crops with particular focus on the production of food and grains: wheat, maize, barley, oat, sunflower, etc.., To meet the needs os its own farm and for sale.